Meet Cydalima snugged in a web.

Known to the Royal Horticultural Society as a new comer from Eastern Asia in 2011, this pest was reported established in London and the surrounding counties in 2016. The Box Tree caterpillar has, this August month, found its way to the Isle of Wight.


This voracious caterpillar (Cydalima perspectalis) is currently savaging some topiary and Cloud pruned Box in my client’s garden of North-West Wight.

The webs made by the creatures can protect them from insecticide treatment. In addition, the size of the Box and the proximity of flowering plants make the spraying of chemicals not a option.

A gentle early Autumn clipping, along with a feed and most importantly, pheromone traps for the moth of this caterpillar, may be sufficient for a recovery of the plants.

Will keep you posted!




























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