Niwaki Cloud Pruning

A pruning technique from Japan where trees play a key role in the gardens and landscapes as well as being of important spiritual and cultural significance to people. Niwaki pruning is often performed to achieve some very striking effects.

I am able to offer a Niwaki Pruning service after being trained in formative styles described in Western countries as Cloud Pruning.

I regularly work in gardens in Surrey, West Sussex, London and Hampshire.


Although Niwaki formative styles are normally applied to young trees, some mature plants can be pruned and trained with some Niwaki techniques in order to achieve some playfull effects in a garden.


Cloud pruning in progress on an old Juniperus


Cloud formation in progress on Pinus nigra

The way the Juniperus below has been pruned in “cup shape” clouds is not Japanese however inspired by Japanese pruning techniques. I carried out this pruning to reduce the size of the conifer and make it look … more interesting.



Ongoing cloud formation on Box plant using Japanese pruning techniques